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Tuning Services and Software
We have several tune options that we have outlined below. If you have any questions on pricing, please Contact Us for further clarification.

We proudly offer tune service discounts to US active duty military and law enforcement officers. Please inquire for details.

AutoCal V3 and EFILive V2/V3 Email Tuning

In addition to our mail order tune service, we offer email tuning services to accommodate all 1998-2018 vehicles that we support, which includes any 6 speed automatic and 2015-2016 8 speed automatic equipped vehicle. Select 2019-2020 models are also able to be tuned.

Our AutoCal option permits the purchaser to receive tunes by email based on logged data. The hardware is yours to keep and can be used on multiple vehicles*. All of the benefits of our scan cable tune, with the added benefit of multiple tunes (as needed) and the ability to simply flash back to stock to take the vehicle in for service.

The AutoCal is priced at $649 for the hardware and service. For details and ordering, click here: AutoCal
* With purchase of additional service and license

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If you already own a V2 or are interested in purchasing one to get into your own tuning, we offer a tune by email option for you to flash in with your own hardware. Please Contact Us for details and pricing. All V2s purchased directly from our shopping cart will include a free tune by email.

Traditional Tune

Our traditional tune is our name for the industry standard mail order tune. We ask you a few questions about the vehicle modifications, configuration, intended use and then we build a tune based on that information and past experience. You have the option of mailing in your control module(s) to be used for the tune or you can pay a core charge and have us send out modules from our inventory. Core charges are refundable when your factory units are returned to us.


  • Tune service: $295
  • PCM Deposit:
    $75/$125 for 1996-2000 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L trucks - $75 deposit refund available for blemished PCMs. $125 deposit refund available for unblemished PCMS. Blemished is defined as having less than 95% of paint intact.
    $125 for LS1, LS6 vehicles and all 1999-2007 classic fullsize trucks and SUVs
Traditional tune is not recommended for:
  • Heavily modified vehicles
  • Vehicles with mechanical problems (pinging, transmission slip, excessively poor fuel mileage, etc)
  • 2006+ 6 speed automatic transmission or 5/6 speed Allison transmissions (AutoCal only)

    For these vehicles, our scan cable or AutoCal will be necessary to complete the tune.
To order with a core charge, please Click Here. If you would like to send your module(s) in to be tuned, please Contact Us so that we can provide you with mailing instructions and a discounted order URL.
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Please Note: It is very common for there to be issues with various sensors and/or vehicle configuration that an owner is unaware of. Those issues can negatively impact vehicle power output and results with the traditional tune.

Scan Cable Tune

Our scan cable tune is a step above the standard traditional tune that is prevalent throughout. Black Bear Performance was started in 2006 with the premise that vehicle-specific data will yield a better, more consistent tune and that is still the same today.

We utilize EFILive V1 and V2 scan cables to collect data specific to your vehicle while you drive. Using that data, we are able to ascertain exactly what type of adjustments are needed to ensure that the vehicle is operating at or very near peak efficiency. If there are any underlying mechanical problems, we can usually identify those issues quickly and help you to resolve them as inexpensively as possible.


  1. You'll submit a security deposit to cover the cost of the scan cable hardware, amounting to either $250 or $400, depending on what type of vehicle you have. This deposit is fully refundable when returned in a timely manner.
  2. Using a Windows-based laptop (not provided), you'll follow our detailed instructions to collect one or more log files from the vehicle while driving.
  3. Those files will be sent in to us by email to be reviewed. If all is well, we will provide an order form to complete to purchase the tune. If any correction or clarification is needed, we'll provide direction as to what else we need to see.
  4. Tuned computer or computers will be mailed to you to be installed. Using the scan cable, you'll be able to link the new computer(s) to the vehicle and perform a follow-up log file. We'll review that log to ensure that all is operating as it should be.
  5. The scan cable and factory computer(s) (if desired) are returned to us for a refund of the core charge.
  • Tune service: $350
  • Scan cable security deposit: $250 for LS1/LS6 vehicles, 1998-2007 Classic trucks and SUVs, $400 for all newer vehicles
  • PCM Deposit:
    $75/$125 for 1998-2000 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L trucks - $75 deposit refund available for blemished PCMs. $125 deposit refund available for unblemished PCMS. Blemished is defined as having less than 95% of paint intact.
    $125 for LS1, LS6 vehicles and all 1999-2007 classic fullsize trucks and SUVs
To get started with the scan cable security deposit, see below: If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your needs and options.

In-Person/Live Tuning (1998 - 2018 vehicles)

We travel regularly to different parts of the country to tune in person. Please see our Calendar of Events to see where we will be and to get signed up for one of those events.